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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


exam weeks! urgh giler tekanan especially paper BIOCELL! giler tekanan nk mam***
x pernah air mata ni jth sbb tensen nk exam.tp kau  biocell dah bt air mata ak jatuh. demn!
erm sincerely i need somebody to talk with when i'm stress nk mam*** tu.. i call u ..tp i kne ceramah..sorry b..
i maybe rude smlm ngn b.. i knoe u hurt..tetbe u erm then hang off the phone..really sorry b..it did not relived me..even harder i'm crying..then pegi test pg td smua tny knp mata i lobam2..i know u want to cheer me up..tp emosi i x stabil sgt ms tu..i'm really2 sorry b...
it doesn't mean i x syg kt u b...pasal ayh tu plak, u jgn risau la sgt eyh..ada jodoh ada la k..
n one more thing, i'm sory klu u igt i nk cpl or berteman ngn u sbb i nk kikis u..pls jgn igt cm tu. if not..............
klu i ckp i syg tu i mmg mean it..
sorry 4 everything b.. i always love u.. muah!!!

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